• Sally Swift (Centered Riding 1 & 2)
  • Karin Blignault (Equine Biomechanics for Riders)
  • Thomas Ritter (Dressage Principles based on Biomechanics)
  • Sylvia Loch (The Classical Seat; Dressage in Lightness; The Balanced Horse)
  • Klaus Schoneich (Correct Movement in Horses)
  • Gerd Heuschmann (Tug of War; Collection or Contorsion)
  • Mark Rashid (Considering the Horse; Horses never Lie; Whole Heart, Whole Horse; Finding the Missed Path; Journey to Softness)
  • Gillian Higgins (Horse Anatomy for Performance; Horse Anatomy poster book)
  • Gail Williams (Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation)
  • Inge Teblick (Denkwerk)